How we got here

sometimes dreams come true, even if they are just small fragments of them all duct taped together and fastened with bale twine.

Three years ago my best friend (aka… Ty my husband 😍) and I bought a fixer upper on five acres with dreams of homesteading and being self reliant. We quickly found that our house would become a money pit and send us on countless trips to the nearby store for more beer to drown our sorrows in. So, we quit working on the house and the land and made one heck of a cute baby boy instead. Becoming a mother and a full time homemaker has rekindled my initial passion for learning and adopting the homesteader lifestyle.

Me being me, I am Steph by the way, nice to meet you, I usually dive in head over rubber boots and land snugly in a pile of poo. This time I am trying to meet homesteading in the middle. Taking things on one chicken at a time…literally. I figure why not try, if I’m royally screwing up God will kick me in the butt and point me in the right direction anyways.