Cookie Me Pink

This is my first official original MMM recipe, and I am tickled pink to share it with you all!!

MMM Almond Cherry Cookies

-Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit

– Ingrediants

1/3(heaping) cup no sugar added you stir almond butter

2 TBL soft butter

1/3 cup honey

1 TBL molasses

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

2 egg yolks

1 cup whole wheat pastry flour

1/2 cup dried cherries

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp baking soda

– Cream together almond butter , butter, molasses, vanilla and honey. When mixed well add egg yolks one at a time. When creamed scrape down the bowl. Mix together the dry ingredients and add to the wet. Mix well. The dough will be sticky and you’ll have to give the bowl a good scrape to get it all out. Roll into balls and place on a greased cookie sheet. The dough will beautifully shiny from the honey…. Honey, please are these ready yet?! I digress. Use a fork and make your hash marks. If you like sprinkle with a little fancy sugar.

This recipe makes a perfect bakers dozen, the perfect amount for one sitting… kidding… am I? Hmmmm


The Golden Blogs

You’ve all heard of the Golden Blogs award show right? Probably not, they don’t exist except in my birds nest of a brain.

Please choose to indulge me this fantasy… are you ready? Two bloggers wearing clothes that cost more than my car make their way to the stage. Putting their lips to the microphone they announce the nominees. I’m breathless. “And the award for the flakiest blogger of 2016 goes to Steph at Meet Me in The Middle Homesteading!”.  I’m still waiting for the applause.

I feel like I should have named my blog Meet Me in The Middle of 500 things that get in the way of homesteading. The year of 2017 so far has revealed some changes we weren’t expecting and that’s just fine. It has made it obvious to me however that I have to scale back on my homesteading ambitions.

2017 Homesteading Goal

🌱Grow a large garden that will fill the freezer and pantry for the winter months.

🌱 Learn how to make a root cellar and properly store fresh food.

🌱 Learn to use my sewing machine.

❤️Most importantly put all my faith in the Good LORD and not worry!




Life and Lemons

They say when life gives you lemons make lemonade. My Mom says when life gives you lemons make lemon drops. She is smart like that.

unfortunatly I have received no lemons as of late, I have instead been blessed with an overwhelming schedule, trips, school, work, sick kiddos, endless thundering of muddy paws,the list dribbles on. That’s where this novice homesteader has been, neck deep in life. This option, although exhausting, is much better than the botchelism poisoning you all probably thought I died of. All, being all two of my incredibly import readers, love you parents ha ha. Not ha ha I do love you… oye vey I’m going to have to call and explain this.

Never fear however, homesteading is still slowly but surely in progress! Animals are being fed, gardens have been put down for their winter rest, scarves are being knitted, bread is baking and of course candles are burning. I am currently working on planting a very small winter garden and planning spring’s garden. Look for blog post coming on that in detail very soon.

Cheers to whatever sort of lemon drink you may be drinking tonight!
















For the Love of Bread

imageA girl’s gotta eat right? Especially when she is preparing for a pear battle. It doesn’t have to be fancy or tasty for that matter, but it does have to stick to your ribs. Case in point yesterday, no time for one of my culinary master pieces when the house is a tornado,the pears are still snickering and the chicken pen is near collapse. More on that later… much much more. So I figure I’ll slap some cheese between some bread and throw on a sliced tomato. Great idea until I realize we are out of bread! I am not gluten free, I am ” can I get some extra gluten on that please?”

I fall to the floor, how am I to go on?

Oh yeah, I am a homesteader now. I’ll get my buns to the kitchen and make some. I have made bread many times before, maybe for a special ocassion or a craving ,you know what I mean. But I thought yesterday as I recycled the old bread sack that I will not buy what I can make. Sweet Lord homemade bread is so much better! White, wheat, rye what the flour ever please, please go make bread. It is not hard, dump some junk in a bowl,stir it, let it rise, bake it and burn the heck out if your mouth eating it too soon.

Oh, the most important part, in case you didn’t know bread is the perfect way to get unreasonable amounts of butter into your mouth. Go forth my friends and bake your buns away.

~~~Side note: Following this may actually increase bun size. Yet another good reason to bake it. 😊



Pears are fallen and the canner is callen

Pears,pears and more pears and a bushel of apples too!

The boiling water canner is looking at me.

It has been scrubbed.

The fruit is picked, which is also looking at me.

The how to can book is open to the page for pears and apples.

I look back at the canner and fruit “you don’t scare me”, okay well it kind of does. I have never canned anything in my life besides a bad reporter at the college news paper when I thought I was going to be Dianne Sawyer.

Currently I have been making ginger pear pie filling and apple sauce, freezer friendly recipes, but I have yet to can anything in the three years we have lived here. Well let me tell you that I am not going to stand idoly by while the canner mocks me and the fruit snickers, tonight I will ravage those arrogant pears.

~~~Side note: If in a couple months the blog posts stop, you’ll know I killed us with botchelisim poisoning.