The Golden Blogs

You’ve all heard of the Golden Blogs award show right? Probably not, they don’t exist except in my birds nest of a brain.

Please choose to indulge me this fantasy… are you ready? Two bloggers wearing clothes that cost more than my car make their way to the stage. Putting their lips to the microphone they announce the nominees. I’m breathless. “And the award for the flakiest blogger of 2016 goes to Steph at Meet Me in The Middle Homesteading!”.  I’m still waiting for the applause.

I feel like I should have named my blog Meet Me in The Middle of 500 things that get in the way of homesteading. The year of 2017 so far has revealed some changes we weren’t expecting and that’s just fine. It has made it obvious to me however that I have to scale back on my homesteading ambitions.

2017 Homesteading Goal

🌱Grow a large garden that will fill the freezer and pantry for the winter months.

🌱 Learn how to make a root cellar and properly store fresh food.

🌱 Learn to use my sewing machine.

❤️Most importantly put all my faith in the Good LORD and not worry!




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