Life and Lemons

They say when life gives you lemons make lemonade. My Mom says when life gives you lemons make lemon drops. She is smart like that.

unfortunatly I have received no lemons as of late, I have instead been blessed with an overwhelming schedule, trips, school, work, sick kiddos, endless thundering of muddy paws,the list dribbles on. That’s where this novice homesteader has been, neck deep in life. This option, although exhausting, is much better than the botchelism poisoning you all probably thought I died of. All, being all two of my incredibly import readers, love you parents ha ha. Not ha ha I do love you… oye vey I’m going to have to call and explain this.

Never fear however, homesteading is still slowly but surely in progress! Animals are being fed, gardens have been put down for their winter rest, scarves are being knitted, bread is baking and of course candles are burning. I am currently working on planting a very small winter garden and planning spring’s garden. Look for blog post coming on that in detail very soon.

Cheers to whatever sort of lemon drink you may be drinking tonight!
















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