For the Love of Bread

imageA girl’s gotta eat right? Especially when she is preparing for a pear battle. It doesn’t have to be fancy or tasty for that matter, but it does have to stick to your ribs. Case in point yesterday, no time for one of my culinary master pieces when the house is a tornado,the pears are still snickering and the chicken pen is near collapse. More on that later… much much more. So I figure I’ll slap some cheese between some bread and throw on a sliced tomato. Great idea until I realize we are out of bread! I am not gluten free, I am ” can I get some extra gluten on that please?”

I fall to the floor, how am I to go on?

Oh yeah, I am a homesteader now. I’ll get my buns to the kitchen and make some. I have made bread many times before, maybe for a special ocassion or a craving ,you know what I mean. But I thought yesterday as I recycled the old bread sack that I will not buy what I can make. Sweet Lord homemade bread is so much better! White, wheat, rye what the flour ever please, please go make bread. It is not hard, dump some junk in a bowl,stir it, let it rise, bake it and burn the heck out if your mouth eating it too soon.

Oh, the most important part, in case you didn’t know bread is the perfect way to get unreasonable amounts of butter into your mouth. Go forth my friends and bake your buns away.

~~~Side note: Following this may actually increase bun size. Yet another good reason to bake it. 😊



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