Pears are fallen and the canner is callen

Pears,pears and more pears and a bushel of apples too!

The boiling water canner is looking at me.

It has been scrubbed.

The fruit is picked, which is also looking at me.

The how to can book is open to the page for pears and apples.

I look back at the canner and fruit “you don’t scare me”, okay well it kind of does. I have never canned anything in my life besides a bad reporter at the college news paper when I thought I was going to be Dianne Sawyer.

Currently I have been making ginger pear pie filling and apple sauce, freezer friendly recipes, but I have yet to can anything in the three years we have lived here. Well let me tell you that I am not going to stand idoly by while the canner mocks me and the fruit snickers, tonight I will ravage those arrogant pears.

~~~Side note: If in a couple months the blog posts stop, you’ll know I killed us with botchelisim poisoning.




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